Intel is hosting secret meeting in China, according to the leaked slide, The Intel upcoming i7-8700K CPU will be 11% faster than 7700K in Single core and 51% in multi-core. The Slide also confirms Intel will release i3 quad-core i3 series and hexa-core i5 serie. There will be no HT in i5 and i3 as we heard before in rumours.

Intel Kabylake vs Coffelake
Intel 7th Gen Single/Multi-Thread Boost Intel 8th Gen
i7-7700K (4C/8T) +11% / 51% i7-8700K (6C/12T)
i7-7700 (4C/8T) +18% / 58% i7-8700 (6C/12T)
i5-7600K (4C/4T) +19% / 55% i5-8600K (6C/6T)
i5-7400 (4C/4T) +29% / 61% i5-8400  (6C/6T)
i3-7350K (2C/4T) +17% / 65% i3-8350K (4C/4T)
i3-7100 (2C/4T) +16% / 61% i3-8100 (4C/4T)


Intel has officially confirmed that they will be revealing their new 8th Gen Coffee Lake CPUs on 21st August at an event which will take place at 8 AM PST. This event will be live streamed around the globe timing it with the US Solar Eclipse. Intel will be disclosing their latest products that have been designed for Intel’s latest processors.

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Source: Chiphell


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