The CPU market has been abuzz lately with AMD disrupting the playing field with their entire Ryzen lineup directly aimed at Intel, providing better price to performance ratios across all price points. This caused Intel to reach with a kneejerk, with their X299 platform which has everyone confused due to the multitude of CPUs on it. The recent debacle of Asrock revealing that Intel 200 series motherboards not support Coffee Lake hasn’t favored the odds for Intel.

Now, on a Chinese forum, screenshots have popped up showing a i3 8300 CPU showing 4 cores and 8 threads. This configuration is the same Intel’s previous consumer grade lineup and seems to directly compete with AMD’s Ryzen 3 CPUs.

i3 8300 4C/8T
Intel i3 8300 base clock


According to these Task Manager screenshots, the base clock is 4.00 GHz with a 8MB L3 cache. These specs are comparable to Intel’s 6th gen i7. It will be interesting to see how they perform and compare with the previous gen parts as well as the Ryzen 3 lineup.

Another interesting thing to note is that if we take these specifications at face value and compare them to the previously leaked 8th gen i5 specifications, this i3 should perform better at workstation and gaming tasks, seeing as the i5s only have 6 cores with no hyperthreading. This is an interesting change in Intel’s CPU lineup. Time will eventually tell how the newer CPUs fare.


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