According to CPCHardware , Intel preparing multiple 6 cores Coffee Lake CPUs and releasing in few months known as Intel i7 8700K reportedly running at 3.8GHz with Hyper-Threading enabled on 95W TDP. Non K Intel i7 8700 is sitting at 3.2 base clocks.

According to them upcoming Intel i5 8600K also offers 6 Cores without Hyper-Threading running at 3.6GHz base clocks and same tdp as Intel 8800K and slowest 6 Cores will be Intel i5 8400 at 2.8GHz on 65W TDP in the response of AMD successful Ryzen Hexa-core chips.

Reportedly for the first time Intel will also introduce Hexa-Cores for mobiles, Coffee Lake mobile will offer 6 cores with low base clocks 2.0GHz at TDP of 45W.


Leaked GeekBench scores of Intel upcoming Hexa-Core processors, if we compare this with Ryzen 5 1600x clocked at 3.6GHz scored 4,574 in single core and 20,769 in Multi-Core. but nevermind the chip is still on development stage, New motherboards BIOS and tweaks could also help boost performance.


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