News coming from Digiworthy claims Intel is limiting the production of their Pentium G4560 and increasing the price in order to boost the sales of their i3 processors.

G4560 from Intel Kabylake family offers 2 Cores and 4 Threads at 3.5GHz Base Clock which launched at CES 2017 priced at 65$. this is the first time intel has enabled hyper threading technology on pentium processors. Price/Performance this chip is better than Intel i3 models. Killer chip for budget builders now this chip sitting at 85$ on Amazon US.

Compared to Intel i3 7100 which costs 118$,Pentium G460 is clocked lower 3.5GHz compared to Intel i3 7100 clocked at 3.9GHz both are HT enabled. Pentium chip costs half the price of the i3-7100. The difference between Intel i3 and Pentium is a lack of support for the AVX2 instruction set, which comes in handy when handling video editing and transcoding workloads. These instruction sets are useless in games which makes Intel pentium better in Price/performance ratio for budget builders.


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