When AMD announced the new Ryzen lineup to their processors many people in Pakistan included myself wanted to try it but could’nt, This is because the AMD Ryzen is not available in Pakistan’s Local Store. Only Intel processors are available in Pakistan. You can buy the AMD Ryzen in through importers and many online WebStores in Pakistan do sell the Ryzen Processors and Motherboard bundles. The Ryzen B350 & X370 motherboards are very expensive at the moment. The Asus Prime B350 costs 15,000PKR which is $150+ compare to ($99 @ Amazon) while X370 costs 20,00PKR which is $200+ compare to ($155 @ Amazon). You can still have the goodness of extra cores and thread with AMD as compared to Intel but there is a huge disadvantage with that! The Warranty.


AMD Ryzen & Local Warranty :

AMD Ryzen Processors don’t come with the local warranty which means if your product has a fault in it means you are in a big trouble. You can replace your product but you have to pay for the extra charges to send that faulty unit back for replacement from where you bought it e.g. USA,UK which is gonna be quite expensive and still your unit can be damaged while handling.

So what does it mean? People in Pakistan can’t enjoy the goodness of AMD Ryzen with ease and without any worries? We can buy the processors if we want to but it have too much risk in it. I hope the Ryzen processor will come officially in Pakistan and the PC Gaming community the people will be able to enjoy the quality of Ryzen’s extra cores and threads which is good for Gamers who stream,multitask and want to play games @ 4K.

Advantages of Importing Ryzen To Pakistan :

  • More Cores and Threads
  • Better Gaming Performance
  • Better in Multitasking
  • Streaming and Gaming @ 4K

Disadvantages of Importing Ryzen To Pakistan :

  • No Local Warranty
  • Risky
  • Extra Charges For Import/Export
  • Expensive Motherboards


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    also their international warranty claim procedure is near hassle free.


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