Hunt : Showdown is a survival PVP and PVE game which was released in Early Access on 22 Feb, 2018 with the price of $30 ($10.49 in Pakistan). Hunt : Showdown is developed and published by Crytek (Also developed Crysis) made with CryEngine. The game is set in a dark world in which you have to find clues to get to the Boss monster, Kill it and have to extract safely from the map. The total of 5 Teams (2 Player Each) hunt each other and the monsters to get the bounty of the boss.


Talking about the performance the game poorly optimized + runs very poor and even on the lowest settings the FPS drops below 30 and freezes most of this time. The loading time of the game is really bad and sever connectivity is a comment issue. The game is barely playable at this stage and the FPS dramatically drops while moving and rotating. Some folks have reported that the game frequently crash but i didn’t faced this issue myself. It must be remembered that the game is released few days ago and few updates have been released to fix the current issue and thing are expected to be improved.



Crytek is definitely trying something new with Hunt : Showdown, The game looks amazing have awesome atmospheric setting, great character movement/gunplay mechanics, looks absolutely incredible. The sound is phenomenal, you have carefully observe you movement and environment or else your position will be given away to other players and zombies around you.

The game is very tense when you are fighting the Monster/Boss, other players could be around. You never know, the game won’t tell you if all other players are dead or alive. The game is unique and has the potential to be amazing if the developers work hard to fix the bugs and performance issue.

In order to play, The players need to hire a recruit and your players can be upgrade with points by wining the matches but if you die in the game your player progress will be lost and you will be required to hire an other recruit and progress again from the start.

Environment is fanatics and shows a complete dark side of the world hunting. This might be the Zombie hunting game that everybody is waiting for but who know what happens in the future as many other zombie hunting games were forgotten after releasing.

Final Review

As mentioned above the game is in unplayable state and not worth buying if you are looking to enjoy it then you should wait for the game to get some fixes and update for performance improvement but if you still want to try the game you should give it a try!



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