Rust is an online multiplayer survival game. The game was released on 11 Dec, 2013 and it’s still in Early Access. The game is not optimized as i might stutter sometimes and the FPS drops below 15 after a short interval, Even in my GeForce GTX 1060 6GB i don’t get over 60FPS @1080p Beautiful settings, But developers are improving the game.

Many people including my friends who play Rust complains about the background & workshop contents downloads/updates. The bad this about the background updates is that you can’t stop them.

Whenever a new skin is made it directly added into the game and starts to download while you are playing, The game starts to lag,stutter and the ping goes sky high and it hurt the people who have a slow internet connection. I’m using 4G internet it does’nt hurt me while i’m playing the game.

How To Turn off The Backgrounds Updates?

1. Open your Steam App.

2. Go to the upper left corner and click on Steam.

3. Click on Settings and than click on Downloads.

4. Click on the Only auto-update games between box and set up the time in which your is turned off/you don’t use it.

And you are done.

Stay tuned with us for more.


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