According to the claims, The GTX 1080Ti GPU is no longer in production. It’s the best alternative to the RTX 2080, The GTX 1080Ti has continued to be a popular seller but it looks like supplies are now starting to dwindle. The GTX 1080Ti still continues to be a top-performing graphics card and is priced quite competitively at the moment.

The report comes from GamersNexus, the US supply chain of GTX 1080Tis is starting to shrink and manufacturers are running low on stocks.

It’s not actually surprising, but disappointment for consumers entertaining a GPU upgrade from 900 and 700 series according to the reviews from many tech sites, GTX 1080ti is proven to be best the performance/value card. GTX 1080 Ti launched with an MSRP of $699 and the RTX 2080 can’t be found for less than $789 a GPU with equivalent performance in traditional gaming benchmarks (e.g. not ray tracing or DLSS since no games are on the market to test) costs more without delivering a good boost in framerates.


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