Grand Theft Auto, plausibly one of the biggest names in the gaming industry, boasting paragons like GTA V, it has never ceased to amaze us with it’s excellence in terms of graphics, gameplay and perhaps optimization. We won’t be discussing much about the GTA V and it’s predecessors. Let’s talk GTA VI, or at least what we know about it. We’ll be scrutinizing possible leaks and predicted system requirements. Stick around to know more!

Leaks & Myths:

GTA VI Trailer?
Nope there isn’t an official one yet. Videos you’ll find on YouTube claiming to be official Trailers are nothing but heavily modded editions of GTA V. So turns out that’s just a myth and yeah, a nasty one.

Is it set in Vice City?
Well this isn’t exactly a myth but it’s definitely not a fact either considering it’s just another leak along with a few others that we’ll be discussing later. So what happened was that a user on Reddit who claims to have sources at PCGamer, Rockstar and Kotaku posted a very elaborate list of details (now deleted) pointing out allegedly key information for the game. Part of which asserted that it will be set in Vice City, Liberty City and a new location based on Rio.

Plot, Era and Multiple Protagonists?
So the same leak I mentioned earlier also professes that GTA VI will be set in the 70’s, 80’s, boasting a storyline centered around a drug empire similar to Narcos (TV Show) but sturdier and more massive than those in GTA V online. An AIDs epidemic was also mentioned to be featured. According to the leak you will play as a male protagonist throughout the story.

Is the Gameplay any different?
Well it was broached in the leak that the weather system has been improved exponentially showing floods and hurricanes. Plus the vehicle system will be similar to Red Dead Redemption 2(not horses and all but the mechanism) where you can carry limited weapons in it.

Will it be available on the Current Generation of consoles?
Welll…Eh No(IDK) according to an anonymous user on Pastebin “This game cant come [out] for ps4 because of memory restrictions”

When will it release?
Well GTA V was released 5 years after GTA IV but since Rockstar also released GTA Online and Red Dead Redemption 2, I’m guessing it won’t be too soon. But who knows right? I hope I’m wrong

Predicted System Requirements:

Since there are no official requirements as of yet, I recommend you have the following setups for the respective presets.

ComponentMinimum Req. (Bare )Average Req. (1080p)Ideal Req. (1440p+)
CPU: Intel/AMDi5-6400/ Ryzen 5 1400i5-7600(k)/ Ryzen 5 2600i7-8700(k)/ Ryzen 7 2700
GPU: Nvidia/AMDGTX 970/ RX 570GTX 1060/ RX 580RTX 2070/ Vega 64
RAM8 GB 12 GB 16 GB
Operating SystemWindows 10 64-BitWindows 10 64-BitWindows 10 64-Bit

It has been assumed that the optimization will be similar to GTA V or a little better and room for some mods has been accounted for in all presets. The minimum requirements are adjusted to run the game on resolutions lower that 1080p on an average of 40 FPS, the Average requirements are based on a combination of settings that average an overall medium preset (mostly excluding AA ). They should help you get 60 FPS if not 60+ @1080p. The Ideal build will reflect the true glory of the PC master race, giving a stable 60 FPS on 1440p with settings averaging higher presets. Before I finish off I’d like to remind you all again that this is just what i think. My guess is just as good as my peers!

Concluding, my take on the information is that it is perhaps correct only to an extent, not entirely. Part of me also hopes it is true, because it’s about time Rockstar introduced a new map to the series. Let us know what you think


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