In previous months, we have been hearing several rumors about that Rockstar is being working on the next title in the leading action & adventure GTA franchise, (GTA 6) Grand Theft Auto VI but we’re still intently waiting for some official confirmation from Rockstar regarding these rumors.

After all, it seems like that the studio may make a surprise announcement of the game for the fans and the work has been started by the developers as the resume of stuntperson and motion capture actor Tim Neff reported that GTA VI is currently under development.

Tim Neff has previously worked on Red Dead Redemption 2 while the resume update at iStunt mentions Grand Theft Auto VI beside with the Red Dead Redemption 2, which directs that the game is currently under development.

Grand Theft Auto VI is in a Very Leading Stage of Development

With Tim Neff’s well known acting experience you will find many physical abilities valuable of an sportsman and these special abilities mostly get these jobs with a lot of body definition and a lot of acrobatic interest. If we acknowledge these rumors to be true, it is very likely that (GTA 6) Grand Theft Auto VI is in very leading stage of development since this type of capture sessions are mostly done once the main structure of the game is developed to be able to blend the definitive details of movements and story.


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