Gamers are always looking for ways to gain even the smallest edge over the competition in the fps world. Things like increased framerates, nominal response times, and switching aspect ratios. However, it doesn’t stop there! peripherals play a huge part in a players performance. Faster switches and a feather-light mouse could be the make-or-break factor in a game. and so, for the FPS gamers that need to be able to flick to get the kill, Glorious introduced their revolutionary Glorious Model O.

Glorious Model O right
Right-Side View

The Glorious Details Of The Glorious Model O


The killer feature of The Model O is that it weighs in at just 67 grams for the Matte variant (featured in this review) and just 68 grams for the glossy variant. For your average user, that probably doesn’t mean anything. OK, so why should you care that it weighs 67/68 grams? well, remember that edge we were talking about before? this is it.

Glorious Model O top
Top-Down View

This mouse, at the time of its launch, was lighter than any other competitor out there. it gave some real competition to the finalmouse Air58 Ninja. Strictly speaking in terms of weight, the finalmouse is 10 grams lighter than the Glorious at 58 grams. However, there was (and still is) a major issue with finalmouse’s supply. It was due to this issue that alot of their potential buyers turned to Glorious. Furthermore, The Glorious Model O is significantly cheaper than the finalmouse. Where the Air58 Ninja is $90, the Glorious Model O comes in at $50 for matte and $60 for the glossy variant. That’s a whopping $30/40 dollars of savings! that’s 3 Model Os for the price of 2 Ninjas. Furthermore, it’s only a 9/10 gram difference; Multiple reviewers have said the difference is anywhere between negligible to non-existent in terms of daily usage.

The Switches & Buttons

The Glorious Model O features Omron switches which are rated for 20 million clicks. These are excellent and responsive switches to say the least. in my testing of the Model O, the switches never skipped a beat and did exactly what they had to do, when they had to do it.

Glorious Model O left
Left-Side View

Furthermore, the Glorious Model O has 2 side buttons on the left side. The buttons are positioned excellently and comfortable for both palm and claw grips. i never ran into any issues accessing either button with my thumb, no matter the scenario. The side buttons are the same Omeron switches that we find on the front.

Lastly, between the left and right-click buttons is the dpi button. it’s useful for switching between DPI profiles on the fly. Though it’s something that certain people enjoy having, personally i’ve never used it because i don’t use multiple DPIs.

The Skates

Glorious has given the Model O their glorious G-skates. they are made of 100% pure Virgin PTFE. Furthermore they have “rounded edges that don’t snag on your pad so your mouse will glide like blades on ice” – Glorious, 2019. As creative as their description for these skates is, i have to admit they are very good. The mouse does indeed glide over a mousepad, the blades and ice part is something i can’t confirm though.

it’s really nice moving the Glorious Model O, especially at speed for fps gunfights. i never felt like any friction was holding me back or like the mouse was dragging itself along the mousepad.

The Sensor

it doesn’t matter how many features a company packs into a mouse if the sensor is bad. For FPS gamers, it doesn’t matter how bare-bones a mouse is, so long as the sensor is fantastic. Glorious, the “PC GAMING RACE” understands this far too well and bestowed the Pixart® 3360 optical sensor upon the Glorious Model O.

This sensor sports 125/250/500/1000hz polling rates and DPI settings range from 400-1200 in steps of 100. Glorious also added an interesting feature of “debounce height” to this mouse. this setting is for gamers that tend to aggressively move their mouse to the point where it lifts off of the mousepad. When the mouse comes back, the landing causes the cursor to shake randomly, which can throw off your aim. Debounce makes it so that if the distance between the mousepad and sensor increases beyond a certain distance, the sensor will not register the movement until the distance is reduced back to original again.

It’s an extremely accurate sensor and it tracks mouse movements marvelously. i’ve never felt like the mouse was needlessly accelerating or that my movements weren’t being tracked accurately.

The Chord

when you’re shedding some extreme weight, you have to cover every aspect, even the cable. The Glorious Model O comes with 2 metres of their “Ascended Chord”. The cable is “so light, it makes the mouse feel wireless”. to be fair, it is extremely light and it’s fair to say that it won’t bother you during gaming sessions.

Ascended Cable
The Ascended Cable

Many buyers complained about problems in the Ascended Chord in Glorious Model O. However, in my many months of usage, i haven’t yet experienced any issues with the cable.

The Scroll Wheel

The scroll wheel is something i really like about the Glorious Model O. It scrolls smoothly with very subtle bumps. Furthermore, the scroll wheel is grooved for grip. Though it’s not my favourite one out there, it’s definitely not bad.

Glorious Model O Scroll Wheel
Front View

The Body Feel & Aesthetic

The body of The Model O has a honeycomb mesh on the back while the sides are solid. There are 2 rgb strips on the sides of the mouse and the scroll wheel. On first glance, the honeycomb mesh looks like it would be uncomfortable to rest your palm on. However, in my experience atleast, i couldn’t even tell there was a honeycomb mesh under my palm. Once your palm is on it, it feels like the back of any other mouse. Furthermore, it allows your palm to breathe a little as the air is constantly passing through. The mouse works wonderfully on both palm and claw grips. It’s better suited to palm grip because of its shape and size. I have a palm grip and for me, i loved using it.


The Glorious Model O is a fantastic mouse and an absolute must have for FPS gamers looking for every edge they can get. with it’s extremely lightweight design, it blows the competition out of the water. Since it’s arrival, mouses of a similar design to the Model O have been released. However, in terms of its overall appeal, it still wins.

Because of it’s honeycomb mesh, early reviewers were worried that the Model O wouldn’t last too long. Well, i’ve used this mouse for a fairly long time at this point. After all my usage i can say with complete confidence that it’s built quite well for a mouse of its weight. you can buy one without worrying about it dying a month or even a year later.

Body Shape
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