Previously, we reported some rumors claiming that Nvidia may release a 1070 Ti, a slightly more powerful 1070 with more Cuda cores and 8GB of GDDR5 on a 256 bit bus. A blurry picture from a Chinese forum was also leaked online showing a 1070 Ti as part of a pre-built system by Asus.

Gigabyte recently made a post on their Facebook page of the picture above, showing a Aorus GPU with a scary clown in the background and TI written in ominous, supposedly a reference to the Stephen King movie by the same name. This is apparently an indication that Nvidia has the 1070 Ti in works and may release it some time in October. Some other sources claim that it will be introduced at a price of $429 US, slotting it between the 1070 and 1080 and possibly downpricing of the 1070 and 1060.

These are still rumors and speculations at this point, but Gigabyte being a well known vendor of high end PC gaming market, this might mean that the 1070 Ti does exist. Time will tell. We’ll keep you posted as more info is obtained.


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