GDDR is the type of random access memory specifically designed for graphics processing units. One of the biggest upgrade in 2018 for graphics-card was the release of new GDDR6 type memory which is currently implemented by NVIDIA in its GeForce RTX 20-series graphics-card. GDDR6 is significantly faster than previous GDDR5x/GDDR5. This includes lower power consumption and faster data transfer-rate playing important role in RTX 20-series in performance boost. According to report, 14GBPS GDDR6 from micron is 70% more expensive than common 8GPS GDDR5 and going from 8 to 16 Gigabyte would bring with GDDR6 memory probably around 100 to 150 US dollar more.

The rumoured RTX 2060 will also use 14GBPS GDDR6, although 13 GBPS and 12 GBPS versions of GDDR6 are cheaper but NVIDIA has only been sourcing 14 GBPS chips for RTX cards.

Memory Type Technology Unit Price Name of the component
Micron 1GB GDDR5 @ 6Gbps 1 Gbyte GDDR5, 3,000 MHz, 6 Gbps $ 6.752 MT51J256M32HF-60: A TR
Micron 1 GB GDDR5 @ 7 Gbps 1 Gbyte GDDR5, 3500 MHz, 7 Gbps $ 6,519 MT51J256M32HF-70: A TR
Micron 1GB GDDR5 @ 8Gbps 1 Gbyte GDDR5, 4,000 MHz, 8 Gbps $ 6,864 MT51J256M32HF-80: A TR
Micron 1 GB GDDR6 @ 12 Gbps 1 Gbyte GDDR6, 3,000 MHz, 12 Gbps $ 10.79 MT61K256M32JE-12: A TR
Micron 1 GB GDDR6 @ 13 Gbps 1 GB of GDDR6, 3,250 MHz, 13 Gbps $ 9,253 MT61K256M32JE-13: A TR
Micron 1GB GDDR6 @ 14Gbps 1 Gbyte GDDR6, 3,500 MHz, 15 Gbps $ 11.69 MT61K256M32JE-14: A TR


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