Fortnite has dominated the online gaming scene with the release of its free Battle Royale mode, but few are aware of its campaign mode. Epic Games has announced they will release the Canny Valley campaign and a new biome along with newer enemies after update v5.0.

The campaign will be released in acts periodically and take the player to the Arid areas of Fortnite with many other in game locations.

Epic Games has into depth about the campaign, stating as follows:

“The story will answer many questions —was Dr. Vinderman a hero or a villain? What happened to him? Who is ‘the real Ray’, and where is she? What really is the Storm, and why did it happen? You’ll also see Lars and his band, ‘Steel Wool’, Dennis, Penny and all the other characters you love, along with iconic locations and enemies.”

Save the World campaign is set to receive a number of additions, with more enemy and mission variety. At least 2 brand new enemies are promised with 2 more being released in short term, a more powerful shielder, followed by the Zapper.

Challenge the Horde mode is also making a return with newer mini-bosses between waves to make gameplay more fast paced with better rewards.

The full list of changes can be seen at this link.


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