The campaign started by PUBG Corp. to ascertain and fix the issues plaguing has come to an end.

On Friday, PUBG Corp. released a statement announcing that the three-month long campaign aimed at improving the performance, matchmaking, balance, and fair play of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground’s has come to an end.

Taeseok Jang, executive producer at PUBG Corp. maintained that in the future the team is going to focus on stability and gameplay quality instead of churning out new content:

“At first, this is likely to slow down our build cadence” Taeseok wrote, “but as these processes become more proficient, we hope to provide new content as fast as before, while maintaining our new stability and quality-first goal.

“We acknowledge that in this process, we have overlooked issues that matter to you and we have reflected a lot on our mistakes,” Taeseok said.

It’s not literally the end of fixing the game, of course, but Taeseok said PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is now on a firmer footing, or at least one that won’t alienate players with shortcomings in basic expectations.

“We know there are many things to improve upon, but we do have a sense that we more accurately feel what you, the players want and need,” he added.

The “Fix PUBG” campaign commenced in August, after the fans had been chanting those two words throughout 2018. In this endeavor, PUBG Corp. promised to address desync issues, erratic performance hiccups, curb cheaters, and improve upon the tick rate.


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