Folks at HardwareBattle got their hands on Air Cooled and Liquid Cooled designs of Vega 64, They are same cards Liquid Vega 64 allows more overclocking and has more TDP. it’s quite important to have a direct comparison of both models in one review. However their link is now dead and protected with password. They’re working on more benchmarks.

Liquid Cooled RX Vega 64

Air Cooled RX Vega 64

GPU’z and Radeon Wattman 

In GPU-Z both cards are shown as 687F, but the liquid edition is reported as C0 revision while air-cooled is C1. The GPU-Z presents the peak clock of 1750 and 1630 MHz of both cards.

The card features new power modes, Power save , balanced , and high performance.



Power Consumption



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