SSF Network brings us an exclusive look at AMD’s upcoming RX Vega NANO at SIGGRAPH 2017, a GPU that is designed to handle AMD’s new Vega graphics card architecture and enable the system of low-power small form factor systems.

(Image by SFF Network)


AMD’s RX Vega Nano looks very similar to AMD’s previous R9 Fury Nano & R9 285 (Sapphire), The cooler design comes similarly creative as the RX Vega Limited edition with a brush aluminum body. The graphics card has a same silver layout design and the same Radeon Red logo on the top edge cooler.

The specifications of this graphics card are not confirmed at the moment though if it is anything like the R9 Fury Nano it will utilize all the GPU cores used in its better analogue with lower clock speeds to maintain a low TDP and temps.

It is not confirmed when AMD is gonna announce their RX Vega Nano officially, possibly it will be released after their full launch of the Vega lineup.


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