Epic Games announced last month that they are going to be competing with Steam for the online service in PC video games. Building upon Fortnite’s ever-growing success, the studio aims to make it even bigger by introducing their own launcher for both, their own titles as well as third-party ones. Combined with their stellar developer support and the amount of free games offered already, it has certainly emerged as a huge contender in this market.

As of now, it supports up to 30 different regions; a total of 130 countries, though not all local currencies are supported as of yet. However, it was stated that this number is soon to be increased and for now, these regions will be using Dollars for purchases.

In terms of their refund policy, unlimited refunds are offered on all items within 14 days of purchase and under 2 hours played. Their staff is currently still working on the automated solution so for now, users have to go through player support.


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