The first ever Monoblock for Asrock motherboards by EK Water Blocks has been released.
EK-FB ASRock X299 RGB Monoblock is designed to cool the user’s both CPU and motherboard MOSFET modules, allowing the system to stay cool and silent when overclocked. You can create neat and cool looking setups thanks to the customizable lighting.
EK’s latest monoblock comes with only one inlet and one outlet, helping you to keep your loop clean. The clear top is made from acrylic glass and the base of the monoblock is made from nickel-plated electrolytic copper, which allows the block’s integrated RGB LED strip to illuminate the product when it is hocked into a 4-pin RGB header. However, if the user wishes to use their own custom lighting solution they can remove the LED strip.

The monoblock is supplied with a 4-pin RGB LED strip that can be connected to the motherboard’s 4-pin LED header or it can be connected to any other 4-pin LED controller.

The price for the EK-FB ASRock X299 RGB Monoblock is set to 141.24$ , with orders shipping on 20th november.


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