SK Hynix has made a significant breakthrough by developing the first DDR5 memory in accordance with the JEDEC standards. The 16GB DRAM is expected to enter the market by 2020.

As this DRAM has a speed of 5,200MHz, it is significantly faster when compared to the contemporary DDR4 memory running at 3,200MHz. The numbers depict a 60 percent performance boost over the previous gen tech. Consequently, it has the capacity of processing 41.6GBs of data per second.

The DDR5 module will also operate at a lower voltage (1.1V vs 1.2V of the latter); thus, providing a 30 percent reduction in power consumption.

Based on technological advancements that allowed the industry’s first DDR5 DRAM to meet the JEDEC standards, SK Hynix plans to begin mass producing the product from 2020, when the DDR5 market is expected to open, to actively respond to the demands of clients.”

According to projections, DDR5 DRAM is going start arriving in the market by 2020, and it is expected to gain a 25% share in the DRAM market in 2021, and attaining a 44% share by 2022. As such, it is imperative that leading DRAM manufactures make extensive investments in this technology.


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