The Corsair K95 RGB PLATINUM has a price tag of $200, but is it really worth the investment? The K95 (for short) is corsairs top-of-the-line keyboard that features everything corsair could fit to think inside a keyboard. It is the successor to the K95 RGB and has recently been succeeded by the K95 RGB PLATINUM XT. So, let’s get into why this keyboard is priced the way it is and whether it’s worth your money to go out and get one.

Corsair K95’s Features:

Let’s start with the feature of features these days, RGB. This Corsair K95 is completely RGB, down to the logo. It features per-key lighting and an RGB strip on the top edge that wraps around both corners. All the RGB can be controlled via corsairs downloadable iCUE software. There are multiple present lighting effects to choose from or you can make something completely custom, granted that you’re willing to spend the time learning how to maneuver the software to get exactly what you want out of it.

Corsair K95

The second feature of note would be the media control keys and the volume rocker. This has to be my favorite feature as someone who has something or another constantly playing in the background while using my computer. It’s extremely convenient to be able to pause/play music and skip through tracks with a dedicated set of keys to do the job for me.

Furthermore, if I want to adjust the volume of the sound, I can use the volume rocker to do that. The rocker is smooth with minor step-like bumps to let the user know how much they’ve changed the volume. However, since the volume bar shows up on the top left in windows 10, I’ve never felt the need to measure how much I’ve changed the volume by the number of bumps.

The third selling feature of this Corsair K95 are its macro keys. To your average user, macros are a very convenient way to quickly get tasks done such as starting a recording, launching a software, having a pre written message inserted somewhere or perform some macro that you need for an MMO.

The K95 comes with a single column of 6 macro keys for you to program to your needs. Furthermore, the keys themselves have silicon tops that are curved towards the keyboard so that you don’t have to look to hit the macros, the feeling of the key will inform the user that they have hit macro switch.

Along with the macro keys, the Corsair K95 can have 3 profiles stored on for the user to switch between. Initially I had trouble understanding what someone could do with 3 profiles on their keyboard but after months of usage I concluded that it’s actually useful to bind different macros to different profiles.

I find myself often switching between profiles for an extended macro key range and sometimes to change lighting effects with the push of a button. Speaking of which, the profiles can be switched with the profile switch button on the top left of the Corsair K95. Situated next to this button are the led brightness and windows lock buttons. Need I mention that this set of buttons is also RGB.

Behind the Corsair K95, next to the power cord, is a usb port for usb passthrough. It’s a useful feature to have for plugging usbs in without having to extend towards the computer or for connecting a mouse and not having to worry about chord length. It’s as useful as having a usb port nearby can be.

Under it, the Corsair K95 has 2 channels for passing cables underneath it. Personally, I haven’t had much use or utility for it but it’s still useful for passing headphone cables through under the keyboard without disbalancing the keyboard.

Lastly, the Corsair K95 comes with a removable wrist rest that locks onto the keyboard with a simple plastic clip. There are 2 sides to the wrist rest, one is grippy and the other smooth. The grippy side is good for users who like to keep theirs palms and wrists fixed in their positions and don’t like moving their hands around too much.

The smooth side is better for people who constantly need to move their hands around the keyboard. Personally, I enjoy using the smooth side simply because the grippy side feels strange and uncomfortable to me.


The grippy side of the wrist rest


The Keyboard:

Moving onto the keyboard itself, it’s a fantastic keyboard to use. The keycaps are very comfortably spaced from each other and for me typing was quite quick as both my hands sit comfortably on the keyboard in QWERTY layout. In the box you will find an added set or QWER and ASDF keys with silicon tops like the ones found on the macro keys.

The keycaps can be set for either FPS games like CS:GO and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege or for MMO games like Dota 2 and League of Legends. I personally keep the FPS keycaps because I find the MMO setup a little uncomfortable during typing and it’s annoying to constantly switch keycaps.

The version of the Corsair K95 under review features Cherry MX Speed/Silver switches which are essentially a lighter and quicker version of the reds. The K95 is also available in Cherry MX Brown switches. Furthermore, the keyboard comes in black and Gunmetal grey variants.


The Final Verdict:

Is the Corsair K95 RGB PLATINUM worth the $200 price tag? Well, if we’re talking features then there are other, cheaper, keyboards out there that provide the same features as the K95. The HyperX Alloy Elite RGB provides all the same features as the K95 does but at a much cheaper price point. However, the wrist rest is not removable and you only get red switches there where you get speed switches with the K95, and let’s not forget that there are no macro keys on the HyperX offering.

All things considered, it’s not the best bang-for-your-buck deal out there. However, in terms of looks, the macro keys you get, and the amount of RGB customization you get with this keyboard, it’s fair to say that for people who have lots to do and not enough keys to do it and for people that like their RGB exactly to their taste, it’s a perfect choice. However, if you were buying this keyboard strictly for its features, I’d sooner get a HyperX Alloy Elite and a Logitech G910 Orion before considering this keyboard.


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