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Welcome to the Exclusive Platform Pakistani PC Gamers!
We unite the owners of all the PC Gamers and Gaming Interests, This community assures you the best environment for PC Gaming and Marketplace and the sole purpose of this community is to promote PC Gaming and E-Sports in the country.

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Rules :

WARNING! : Person who caught breaking any rules will be warned once then MUTED for 12-24 Hours / 7 Days (means member won’t be to post nor comment) and after that if he gets caught breaking any rule again, member will be kicked/banned.

Follow the rules carefully in order to be a part of the community!

1. Posting about Piracy – Movies – Songs – Quotes – Pages – Groups – Internet Speed/Rate – Mobiles/Desktop Screenshots – Picture for Attraction – Self-Promotion and other Irrelevant & Promotional Stuff is strictly prohibited.

Note : Sharing posts related to mobile problems are allowed but you can’t share your mobile background or asking people to join your Clash of Clan’s Clan or else (Reason : It is the community of PC Gamers so respect that).

1.1. No Advertisement is allowed without approval of the Administrators (This Includes Articles,Pages & Groups) – If you want to promote any thing such as your Business & Articles or any other stuff (Must be related to Gaming), Kindly contact the Administrators for the Terms and Conditions.

Note : It’s Not Free!

2. Use of Abusive/Vulgar Language in the community is strictly prohibited – Talk with all members politely + Disrespect of any member won’t be entertained, Respect everyone (Male/Female) – Trolling a female members (Even if it’s a Fake profile) will result permanent ban from the community.

3. Trolling/Sarcasm Via. Images/Comments in the community is strictly prohibited.

4. Use English/Urdu Language in the community – other languages are not allowed.

5. Use #OT in order to post an off topic post – #OTPost means if you need any kind of help or suggestions – It doesn’t mean NON-GAMING or any other kind of posts.

6Giveaways are allowed but if you want to giveaway something then you have to get permission from the Administrators/Moderators.

Note : The person must announce the giveaway results Live so people know that this is a legit giveaway (This Rule is Set To Stop Fake Giveaways).

7. Fanboyism is Prohibited – If any Member or a Admin/Mod is caught, Hard actions will be taken against them.

8. Blocking Admins is not allowed, Once we find out you will be kicked immediately.

9. Use “Sell Something” Button if you are selling goods, Use “Start Discussion” button for normal posts & “Create a Poll” for starting a poll, If you are selling multiple products in a single post than use “Start Discussion” button or “Contact Seller” option (Reason : Most of people don’t add the prices in the thread or They mention the price like “123,456,789/999,999,999” which is considered as Spam/Irrelevant).

Note : When you are selling some Stuff/PC Parts, Show the proof of your ownership (Your name written on a piece of paper alongside with the product and current date).

9.1. : Enter a valid price while using “Sell Something” Button and if you are looking for offers for your stuff enter “Ask For Price” or “Contact Seller” in the pricing section, If your sale post Says e.g. “FREE” or “Any Invalid Price” in the pricing area your sale post will be deleted.

Note Sellers are directed to post Maximum 2 Posts in 12 Hours or else their excessive posts will be deleted – (Reason) : Timeline of the community gets crowded with Sales Posts.

10. Sale of any Digital Stuff other than Game Codes/Gifts is not allowed + Sale/Purchase of “HackedSteam/Origin/UPlay/Fortnite accounts is not allowed (Provide ownership proof (First Email) in the post when selling the account).

Founder : Zeeshan Ali Khan

Administrators : Nouman Ali – Malik Sajjad – Wajih Hyder Chohan – Usman Sheikh

Moderators : Afrasiyab Khan – Talha Ahmad Sahi – Bilal Arif – Murtaza Hussain – Atif Liaqat

Last Update : 28 – 2 – 2019