The open beta for Call of Duty: WW2 went live yesterday. One day after its scheduled date, Sledgehammer Games has started to make a few changes.

Sledgehammer Studio Co-Founder Michael Condrey has mentioned some of the ”top observations” made so far and also a few more changes that are already on their way.

Condrey wrote ‘‘Thank you for the continued support and enthusiasm for our road to November. We look forward to a healthy and constructive dialog throughout the weekend on our forum”.

The Developers are now working to fix the problems with accessing the game ”due to bad connections and blank loading screens,” as well as ”minor rendering issues” and ”mid-match crashes.”

The damage per second has been nerfed on all the SMGs, as well as their falloff range. The STG44 recoil has been nerfed also the rate of fire of M1A1, P-08, and 1911 have been increased slightly.

The following fixes are arriving to the game shortly.

  • Crash fix on startup for Windows 8.0
  • Infinite level loads and time-outs when using shader pre-cache and letter
  • Fixes to the T2X Resolution setting not getting preserved after exitting the game
  • Fixes to the behavior of the resolution/Render resolution/T2X Resolution advanced video options

The Call of Duty: WW2 Open Beta will end on October 2 (unless Sledgehammer decides to extend it). The full game will come out on November 3.


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