If you are looking to build a Gaming PC under 75,000PKR you’re going to have to find the best gears and parts for the lowest price as you can find. Building your own PC is fun and easy to do so.

So today i’m making a guide how to build a gaming PC and i’m gonna show you the best parts you can get for your buck!

Upcoming games this year are gonna take quite a bit of CPU and GPU power so we have to keep this in mind and we are gonna choose the best Processor and Graphics Card in the given price.

Optimal Hardware for 75,000PKR

Processor : Intel Core i5 7400 (21,000PKR)

Motherboard : Gigabyte B250M D3H (8,500PKR)

Graphics Card : Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050Ti 4GB / AMD Radeon HD RX 470 4GB (21,000-22,000PKR)

RAM : Corsair Vengeance LPX (8×1)GB DDR4 2400MHz (7,300PKR)

Hard Drive : Seagate BarraCuda ST1000DM010 1TB Hard Drive Bare Drive (5,500PKR)

Power Supply : Corsair VS550 (5,500PKR)

Case : Corsair Spec-01 (5,000PKR)

SSD : Zotac T-400 120GB (6,000PKR) (Optional)

Final Price : 75,000PKR or more (81,000PKR with SSD)

Note : Prices can be increased or decreased.

Details :

The prices of the parts may rise or fall at the time of writing the total price is mentioned above.

Our main aim on this PC is to game @ 1080p on Mid-High graphicals settings maybe Ultra in some games. As PC Gaming is evolving day by day the games are now being more demanding and requires a good PC to run games at @60FPS. This build comes with a GTX 1050Ti / RX 470 which is perfect for you if you want to game @1080p 60FPS.

The case Corsair Spec-01 is an premium looking case with an USB 3.0 in the front and a side-pannel so you can show off your build and it only costs 5,000PKR ($50) which is quite good for a case like this. The SSD is completely optional,  If you want your PC to boot up fast or want to keep your active games in than it is an good option to go with. The power supply is more than enough for this build because our has 75W TDP and requires a 300W power supply.

In this build you’ll have a 1TB Mechanical Drive which is 7200RPM and good enough to store the modern AAA titles like Grand Theft Auto V, Fallout 4 and Witcher 3 etc. This build is good enough for upcoming titles and you can enjoy the goodness of PC Gaming and can easily game on it in the upcoming years without the problem of upgrading the parts for future. You’ll never regret the day that you become an PC Gamer, Trust me.


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