Best PC Cases in Pakistan: 2020

When you’re building a PC, the majority of components are chosen due to their performance or sheer value. However, when it comes to picking an enclosure for your build, aesthetics are the primary concern for most people but at the same time ensuring adequate airflow is also imperative.

It is important to note that Pakistan always limited options when it comes to casings, and with the Covid-19 pandemic upon us, the situation has become deplorable with the availability becoming a pipe dream and the prices increasing day by day.

However, we aim to facilitate your purchasing decision by providing you with a comprehensive guide on casings currently available in the market.

Under Rs. 10,000

In this price range, we are solely focusing on airflow since this price bracket comes with an opportunity cost of either forgoing airflow or aesthetics.

Raidmax ZETA RGB: Rs. 9,500.

Best PC Cases

The Zeta by Raidmax offers a mesh front with an preinstalled ARGB strip for a little pizzazz. The front I/O supports 2 USB 3.0 ports with traditional audio jacks. At only Rs, 9,500, this is our preferred choice in this price segment.

RaidMax Blazar: Rs. 6,000

The RaidMax tries to imitate an expensive design at a relatively low price point. The front panel is made out of plastic with an ARGB strip built into it. However, the airflow will be mediocre at best. You would have to be vary about scratches as the side panel is acrylic. The case also has a PSU chamber. If you’re looking for a casing just for the RGB at this range, the Raidmax Blazar could be a valid option for some at Rs.6,000

Thermaltake N26: Rs. 7,600

The Thermaltake N26 has been the preferred choice by gamers on a budget. The design can be considered tacky by some, but it has enough mesh upfront to facilitate airflow. As for the I/O ports, it comes with a single USB 3.0 port with two USB 2.0 ones. In addition to that, it has your typical Mic and Headset jack. In terms of price, for Rs. 7,600 you can’t go wrong.

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Under Rs, 15,000

Cooler Master Masterbox MB511 RGB: Rs. 14,500

The MB511 offers everything from airflow down to aesthetics. The casing has a full mesh front that allows the 3 included 120mm RGB fans to pull air in with ease. In addition to the RGB fans, it also has a 120mm exhaust fan at the back. It supports radiators up-to 350mm. The front I/O includes 2x USB 3.0 and Audio in & out jacks. Therefore, even at the current price tag of Rs. 14,500, the MB511 is a soild choice.

Cooler Master Masterbox NR600: Rs. 12,500

The NR600 has a full mesh front with a minimalistic design overall. It includes two 120mm Non-RGB fans. It has the typical front I/O which entails 2x USB 3.0 and 1 headset jack port. The casing supports radiators up to 360mm. The NR600 would have been our preferred choice in this price bracket if in included more fans. However, at 12,500, it provides a design similar to NZXT but with a greater airflow

Raidmax Sigma Prime A14 RGB: Rs. 13,500

At times, there are people who are trying to adhere to a certain white color scheme, for those the Raidmax Sigma Prime comes in clutch with a white exterior with a mesh front to keep the components cool. It only includes a single RGB 120mm exhaust fan but it works with most RGB softwares. In regards to I/O, the usual 2 x USB 3.0 and audio in & out is found on top. The Sigma Prime has a nifty quirk, where it projects Raidmax from the bottom of the front panel. If you’re in the market for a white casing, the Sigma Prime for Rs. 13, 500 is a great option.

Under Rs. 30,000

You would expect to get more options when you increase your budget but that is not the case in Pakistan during the pandemic.

Cooler Master MasterCase H500P Mesh: Rs. 28,500

Best PC Case

If you are building a high-system, especially in a hot climate. The H500P Mesh by Cooler Master is a no brainer. The case comes with two 200mm fans pre-installed. As the front is made out of mesh, you would never have to worry about airflow ever again. The radiator support goes up to 360mm. It is debatable whether the H500P is worth it at the current price point, but if you’re going for a high end build and you have the budget to afford this, you wont be able to find anything better in Pakistan.

Corsair Crystal Series 460X RGB: Rs. 21,000

Best PC Cases

The Corsair 460X is from their Crystal Series, where the enclosure is primarily built out of glass. The casing does have a glass panel up front but Corsair ensured to leave enough space for the air to pass through without choking the front fans. It comes with 2 120mm fans. The radiator supports goes up to 360mm. The 460X comes with velcro straps to facilitate cable management. If elegance is something you are looking for, you cannot go wrong with the Corsair Crystal Series 460X for Rs. 21,000.

Where To Purchase

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