There are many budget cases out there in market, but most of them lack in quality or looks like a cheap case. Most of the buyers get confused after seeing alot of cases in the market so we decided to make a guide on a budget case which looks good and have better build quality in a moderate price.

The cases we are gonna include are from Corsair,Thermaltake and NZXT which are easily available in Pakistan, but first lets talk about a case under 5,000PKR ($50).

Cases under 5,000PKR ($50) :

Most of the gamers who wants to build their own PC but are low on the budget mostly looks for the case which looks premium compare to the High-End cases in a much cheaper price. There are many good cases you can get but we will recommend you to go with Corsair Carbide Spec-01 or Thermaltake Versa N26.

Corsair Carbide Spec-01 (5,500PKR)

I’m currently using this case and i will recommend you guys to go with this case. It is a decent looking case made up of plastic and metal, has a very sleek design,side-panel and a premium feel. The cable management is good and the air flow is also good. A pre-installed Red LED 120mm fan and a USB 3.0 in the front. It has a side-panel window which is made up of cheap plastic and can be scratched easily, but in such price its a good deal and you can also show off your rig.

Thermaltake Versa N26 (4,800PKR)

I’ve previously used this case and it is a bit taller case compared to Spec-01 and a bit cheaper. The build quality is decent but does’nt look premium as compared to Spec-01 but looks great in the given price. The chassis has a plastic body and the side-panels are made up from metal. The side-panel window is comparable to the Spec-01. It comes with a pre-install 120mm fan which is located in the rare of the case and has a USB 3.0 on the top. It has a alot free space in the which means it has a good airflow as well. Both of these cases are great bang for your buck! You can choose from anyone of these you won’t be at a loss.

Cases under 10,000PKR ($100) :

Well, there are many good looking are available in local stores in Pakistan ranging in $100 or a bit above. People have many wonderful options in the price tag but we are gonna show two cases from which you guys can choose. Thermaltake View 28 RGB Gull-Wing Window or NZXT S340.

Thermaltake View 28 RGB (7,650PKR)

This case caught my eyes while i was roaming in the market. Well looking at this case this looks a bit bit different from the others because it has a Gull-Side Window with an optional PCI-e riser cable and the PSU cover provide a premium look to the case. It case comes with a tinted front panel and a controllable 256-color RGB LEDs matrix which gives user a clean look. The chassis has 1 pre-installed fan in it. Some buyers have reported that the case temperatures are really bad and the vertical GPU placement is’nt worth it, not worth it at all, the temperatures increase really fast once you place the GPU vertically. But still it is a great looking case in the price tag.

NZXT S340 (11,000PKR)


NZXT S340 is a well known case with a pleasant simple look. It is a bit over the given price tag of 10,000PKR but if you can spare some extra bucks than you should go for it. The case has a premium body 2 USB 3.0 on the top and a plastic side-panel. S340 is available in many color schemes including black & white. The bad point is that S340 is a fingerprint magnet and it easily catches your fingerprints. The case comes with PSU shroud too and it also has 2 SSD mounting brackets on it.


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