Contrary to popular belief, keyboards come in various shapes and sizes; some less practical than others. However, the most common form factors include full-size, Tenkeyless, and 60% percent keyboards. The diagram below illustrates the aforementioned form factors:

Once you finally decide on getting a 60% keyboard, you realize that your options are quite limited in Pakistan since the market is dominated by Corsair, Razer, Logitech, HyperX, and terrible Chinese knockoffs.

Therefore, your best bet is Aliexpress or paying a premium to retailers.

According to us, these are the best 60% keyboards in the market:

4. Motospeed CK61 Kailh Box White – Rs. 6,975 ($45)

Motospeed keyboards usually come with Outemu switches, which is why they are exceptionally cheap and make for a good budget option.

However, the CK61 comes with Kailh Box Whites which are clicky blue switches. If you’re looking for loud clicky switches, then these are among the best.

For 45$, you get:

-Kailh Box White switches

-Bright RGB

-Study build quality

However, it does have some major flaws:

-The layer system is horrible and unintuitive, which can make daily use cumbersome.

-No RGB customization apart from the preset modes.

-Cheap ABS keycaps.

-Wobbly stabilizers.

-Unorthodox cable placement which takes away the option to use custom cases.

If you don’t really care much about Kailh Box Switches, you can skip on this one as the pitfalls do not outweigh the benefit of having Box Whites at such a low price range.

3. GK61 – Rs.6,000 ($38.21)

When it comes to bang-for-buck, the GK61 sweeps the floor with the other offerings. For under $40, you get:

-A true mechanical keyboard with Gateron switches (Red, Blue, Brown, or Blacks.

-Fully addressable RGB

-PBT Keycaps

-Ability to change the switches.

-Built in Microphone for music visualization.

However, the GK61 does have few cons which could be a deal breaker for some:

-Convoluted software to program the RGB and layers.

-The font on the stock keycaps isn’t visually pleasing.

-You can only hot-swap optical switches.

2. GK64 – Rs. 9,300 ($60)

The GK64 is essentially the bigger and more expensive brother of the GK61. It has a slightly different layout to accommodate the dedicated arrow keys. Contrary to the GK61, it supports normal mechanical switches which allows you to swap out the Gaterons with Kailhs, Zealios, Inks, or even CherryMX switches if you’re a shill. However, the keycaps on the GK64 are ABS plastic opposed to the PBT on the GK61.

1. Anne Pro 2 – 12,000 ($75)

The Anne Pro 2 by Obins lab is constantly put up against high end keyboards like DuckyOne2 Mini and the Vortex Gear Pok3r, which illustrates how good this sub $100 keyboard really is.

For <$80, you get:

-A well built keyboard.

-Complete RGB with a clean software to customize it.

-PBT Double Shot Keycaps.

-Option to choose between Gateron, Kailh Box, and Cherry MX switches.

-Ability to use the keyboard as a steering wheel in games.

-Wireless Capability

-A proper layer system

-Extra Colored keycaps but bear in mine those aren’t PBT.

However, even the Anne Pro 2 has various drawbacks and issues that you need to to bear in mind prior to making a purchase.

In terms of drawbacks, the Anne Pro 2 isn’t hot swappable, so you’re stuck with one type of switches unless you know how to desolder. Furthermore, the early batches had various quality issues associated with them, so try to buy those models which have AnnePro written underneath opposed to Obins.

You can purchase the Anne Pro 2 from here


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