ZOWIE is certainly among the most illustrious brands in eSports, and the company has just announced that their products will be made available across all of Pakistan now. They aim to provide a 3 year warranty with all their products, partnering with several major retailers in the country.


A big part of the company’s product portfolio are their monitors, such as the XL2546 or 2411P, among others. These displays feature premium, high quality panels that specialize in high refresh rates, excellent image quality, and low response times. Expected to retail within the range of PKR 39,000 and PKR 90,000, the XL monitors are certainly categorized as enthusiast grade hardware.


For non-PC players, BenQ is also offering the RL2455 and RL2755 monitors which were designed particularly for gaming on the PS4, among others. These displays have often been used in e-Sports tournaments being held on console platforms. In terms of price though, they are quite similar to the XL series, starting at a price of PKR 27,500 and going up.


Perhaps the thing ZOWIE is best known for is their gaming mice. Alongside mouse-pads and a keyboard, their most popular mice series will be up for sale. These models include the ZA, EC and FK mice, along with the recently released EC1-B & EC2-B CSGO Editions. These mice are shaped in a relatively rounded way, unlike some other mice such as the G502 from Logitech, which has a rather edgy look. While shape is definitely personal preference, most people praise ZOWIE’s mice for their great ergonomics and high quality sensors. The EC1-B and EC2-B (CSGO Edition) are going to be priced at PKR 8,600 and PKR 10,200 respectively.

Other Items

Other products to be offered in Pakistan, for now anyway, include mousepads of all types of glide-speeds and textures, along with two color options. These are going to be starting at PKR 4,800 and going up. Additionally, the aforementioned keyboard will also be available for purchase. Named the ZOWIE CELERITAS II, which was designed with gaming in mind as well. Using optical switches and red illumination from the looks of it, the board ensures gamers have no issues with accidental double presses during intense clutch situations in games. The keyboard will be priced at PKR 19,500.


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