Some recent rumors suggest that Battlefield : Bad Company 3 can be the next addition to Battlefield series and is set to release in 2018. The game is expected to be set in a ‘mid and postVietnam war with some Cold War settings as well and it’s not going to be historically accurate.

The rumor was first shared by YouTuber AlmightyDaq who suggests that the next Battlefield title planned is actually Bad Company 3. Previously he correctly leaked all the details about Battlefield 1 months before it was even announced. Talking about the multiplayer modes Conquest, Rush, Operations, Domination, and Team Death-match are all returning in Bad Company 3.A 5v5 centric mode similar to Squad Obliteration will also be playable in the game.

His leaks seems quite promising but no news has been announced by the officials but a new Battlefield game is planned for 2018.


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