A leak was posted today in the Intel subreddit showing a picture of a ASUS Maximus X Formula with a 5 GHz OC profile in the Extreme Tweaker menu of the BIOS.

Leaked picture on Intel subreddit

This could mean that Intel’s Coffee Lake CPUs are capable of achieving 5 GHz by just applying a pre-loaded profile, at least on some ASUS Z370 motherboards. Of course, the concept of pre-loaded overclocked profiles isn’t new, but this could mean that most if not all of Intel’s unlocked CPUs are capable of hitting 5 GHz via overclocking.

It should also be noted that motherboards tend to input excessive voltage in cases of auto overclocking or preloaded profiles, which can adversely affect the life cycle of a CPU or in the worse case cause permanent damage and render it unusuable, although most PC enthusiasts will overclock manually using their own testing and tweaking.

It will be interesting to see how the new Coffee Lake CPUs will fare using this auto profile, thought that have to be seen in the future.


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