Asus X399 ROG Zenith Extreme EATX is top tier motherboard for HEDT platform with TR4 Socket. This is the first time we’re seeing unboxing, It has retail packaging including cool stuff it comes with WiFi antennas, PCIe ethernet card, VGA holder, ASUS DIMM2 extension card, LCD screen and four reinforced PCIe slots.

Its has retail packaging. as you guys can SLI/CFX/AURA Async and AMD Socket TR4 is written on the box.

Goodies you get with this motherboard, Alot of Stickers, Wall Posters, Sata Cables , SLI Bridges, Wifi Antenna’s , Extended PCI Slots. If you look close you will see Threadripper CPU in this picture.

Source: Chiphell


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