Arslan Ash from vSlash Esports who is one of the Pakistan’s Top Tekken players is the Champion of Evo Japan 2019’s Tekken 7 Tournament.

At initial matches, Arslan wasn’t performing well, but he stood up his position in the Top 8 in losers bracket. He took down Walker book (Jin) with his main character Kazumi by 2-0 in his first loser’s bracket match.

In the 2nd loser’s bracket match,he faced Jimmyjtran (Bryan) and beats him again with his favorite character Kazumi by 2-1.

In the losers’s semifinal bracket, he faced Churikin (Geese) and takes him down with Kazumi by 2-0 and makes his way to losers’s finals.

In the loser’s final bracket, he faced Cherryberrymango (Jin) who gave him a tough fight, but Arslan eliminates him with his same pick Kazumi by 3-2 and proceeds to Grand Finals.

Now in the Grand finals, Arslan with his main character Kazumi in Tekken 7, beats Philippines’s Alexandre Laverez (Paul/Shaheen) AKA “PBE|AK” by 3-1 in Grand Finals. He hereby, receives 1,500,000 Japanese YEN (1,889,000 PKR) Prize money of the tournament.

In the Short period of time, Arslan, a golden Kazumi player, has progressed alot and is becoming one of the best Tekken players in the world. This is a proud moment for Pakistan as he is promoting E-Sports in Pakistan and we would like to congratulate him on winning the EVO 2019.


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