The Game Awards is an annual awards ceremony honoring achievements in the video game industry. The 2019 Esports Awards took place on November 16th, at Esports Stadium Arlington in Arlington, Texas.

Prominent players like Bugha, SonicFox, Ninja, Dr DisRespect, Shroud, Tfue were present but a player who won two EVO tournaments in a row and put Pakistan on the map with the biggest twist in Tekken history, was not even a part of the nominees for the best Esports player.

Arslan “Arslan Ash” Siddique a Pakistani who took the FGC by storm this year at not one but two occasions by winning both Tekken EVO Japan, 2019 and then again wining Tekken EVO 2019 against arguably one of the best Tekken 7 players right now, Jae-Min “Knee” Bae, not losing a single round. His journey wasn’t a smooth sail, he encountered numerous travel issues when traveling to EVO Japan 2019, including VISA delays, having to travel to numerous countries to get to Fukuoka and not even having money to exchange at Tokyo due to the machines not taking Pakistani Rupees, 4 hours prior to the tournament starting, nonetheless he overcame everything and went on to be one of the few people to win two major FGC tournaments in a row.

The Esports Awards 2019 seem to be and aimed as a more commercial work rather than a celebration of video game achievements just like its predecessor ‘The Spike Video Game Awards’. Many are shocked to see neither Arslan Ash nor Tekken 7 nominated for any awards whereas Jump Force being nominated, as one of the best fighting games of 2019. A petition to include Arslan Ash as one of the nominees was started by a Brazilian FGC team but it didn’t get much attention and even if it did its not like he would be included at this point. Richard Lewis, the winner of the  Esports Journalist Award 2019 and a part of the nominations committee  reportedly hates the FGC with a passion and its possible that others deciding the nominees have a similar mindset, though this all just speculation and not definite proof, nonetheless it was disappointing to not a see Arsaln as part of the Esports Awards 2019 when he accomplished so much and inspired so many.

As one redditor has put it, “Esports Awards always seem to miss these crucial individuals”.


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