After winning the previous Tekken events Gaming Tent KSA in Saudi Arabia and EVO Japan 2019, Pakistani Tekken player Arslan Ash becomes victor again in the Thaiger Uppercut tournament. Thaiger Uppercut (TGU) is an annual fighting game TWT tournament event, taking place in Bangkok, Thailand. Players, including the best ones from all over Asia, participated in this tournament.

He dominated the Tekken World Tour and defeats the best Tekken players, Hence making Pakistan proud for the 3rd time.

TGU 2019 TWT Standings

The Grand finals

Being undefeated in the tournament, Arslan met Rox Dragon Knee in the grand finals, which is from one of the Top Tekken players. Both of these Tekken professionals stuck to their main characters. Arslan used his golden character Kazumi while Knee selected Devil Jin.

First & Second Game

Arslan had control in the first game by using his sharp low pokes, cutting off Knee’s health. With his pokes and sharp zoning playstyle, he easily took the first game. But Knee dominated the second game by playing aggressively to overhaul with Arslan’s Kazumi distance glides. Hence the game tied to 1-1

Third Game

The third game favored Knee with his better read on Arslan’s Kazumi, Knee took Arslan down with his unimaginable moves and spacing, taking the lead of 2-1.

Fouth Game

In the fourth game, even though bearing a heavy loss in those two games Arslan used his same poke heavy style gameplay, leaving Knee in an uncomfortable spot. By working around against his hellsweep and EWGF, Arslan ties the series to 2-2.

Final Game

Arslan continued to pressure knee in the fifth game with Kazumi’s glide keeping distance and spaced pokes. While he was in lead with his health bar, and the time was very short, Knee had to use launcher or hell sweep, however, Arslan caught his predicted hell sweep and took down Knee with a 3-2 set with his counter juggle, hence winning the grand finals. Arslan became a TGU Tekken champion of 2019.

Watch the grand finals down below

Tekken World Tour Leaderboards

Arslan is now placed at the 29th place in TwT global-standings and 16th in Asia-Region standings while Knee moves up from 7th place to 4th place in global standings and 3rd place in Asia-Region standings.


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