ARCTIC announced Liquid Freezer cooling compatibility with Ryzen Threadripper’s TR4 X399 Socket.There are total 3 models equipped with two,four,six fans configuration. Liquid Freezer 120 supports 250W TDP which is cheapest model. Other models the Freezer 240 and 360 are both 300W TDP ready, Leaves big room for overclocking.

Arctic Liquid Freezer coolers starting from 86 Eur which is 100 USD. That makes it roughly 10% of the price of the proccessor. There’s a rumour also AMD upcoming Threadripper shipping with AIO Liquid Solution.

Noctua also showcased first air-based cooling for AMD Threadripper At Computex. They just showed few samples, we have no confirmed release date, a safe bet would be a launch around the end of the year.

Source: SweClockers





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