The launch of Apex Legends in January caught us off guard, as there was no prior marketing campaign or announcement made for it. The game quickly rose to popularity on Twitch as it attained 40 million of hours streamed within the initial week. The immense popularity led to the game gaining 25 million unique players within the launch week, and the number went up to 50 million within the first 4 weeks.

Instead of allocating resources towards traditional marketing, EA chose to pay influencers on Twitch to promote the game. The most notable personalities inclucded Ninja, Shroud, Dr.Disrespect, and among others.

However, as the marketing budget for Apex dried out, the streamers stopped playing Apex and went back to playing their usual games such as PUBG and Fortnite.

It will be interesting to see whether EA decides on launching another influencer campaign to further enhance the Titanfall-esce battleroyale.


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