And again.. Hackers managed to hack $8.4 Million this time during the Initial of CoinDash ( ICO). It is reported that they’re tricking people to send their cryptocurrency to the wrong address. They were sending their funds to hacker not the company, Coindash said and hacker took control over the web domain of Classic Ether Wallet and collected the login credentials from multiple users, emptying their accounts along the way.

Hacker stole tokens, sold them for Ethereum

Middleton founder of Veritaseum said that a hacker had managed to steal VERI tokens during the ICO. Because the ICO was ongoing and the tokens were in demand, the hacker immediately sold them to other buyers.


Last week when hackers made $7.4 Million from Veritaseum Platform, Founder of Veritaseum reported  “We were hacked, possibly by a group ” . Ethereum seems to be receiving a lot of hacker attention.


Last week they hacked Up to $7.4 Million as well.









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