The release of AMD‘s new Zen architecture has finally placed the company back into competition with Intel in the CPU market and has generated enough revenue to allow AMD to deliver their first profitable quarter in over three years.

AMD’s Ryzen CPU architecture was developed on a very small budget, which is why AMD was unable to offer similar levels of investment as their competittors, given the fact that they have to work on both CPU and GPU markets.

R&D Budget (Million) 2016 2017 Increase (YoY)
Q1 $242 $266 9.9%
Q2 $243 $279 14.8%
Q3 $259 $315 21.6%

AMD has managed to increase their R&D budget to almost 22% in the past year which is a pretty huge number. AMD now has the ability to invest more into future developments,they can work more efficiently to produce better products.

2017 has been a pretty bright year for AMD, hopefully it will result better hardware for the consumers and further success of the company.

Source: OC3D


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