AMD has announced a new graphics card series based on the Polaris (called Ellesmere these days) Radeon RX 590.  The new card is based on a refreshed Polaris silicon fabricated on a 12nm process at Global Foundries. The number of shaders, ROPs, Texture Unit, Memory Bandwidth is identical to what we saw two years ago with the Radeon RX 480 but there is a decent increase in clocks a big thanks to 12nm FiNFET node.


According to multiple online reviews, RX 590 is showing lead for Polaris AMD cards. We have rounded up reviews from Reputed websites such as Techpowerup , Guru3D , Kitguru and PC Gamer to get a view where RX 590 lands. So we will start from the basic introduction, The RX 590 has a base clock of 1469MHz and a boost clock of 1545MHz, compared with 1257 / 1340 for the RX 580 roughly 13.2% more core-clock has been added but, AMD isn’t shipping a reference version of the Radeon RX 590, instead relying on its board partners to distribute custom-cooled models. Some, like the XFX Radeon RX 590 Fatboy, Sapphire Nitro RX 590+ Limited Edition.

AMD Radeon Polaris Series (8GB models)
Radeon RX 480 Radeon RX 580 Radeon RX 590
Launch Date June 2016 April 2017 November 2018
GPU 14nm FF Polaris 10 14nm FF Polaris 20 12nm FF Polaris 30
Stream Processors
Max FP32 Compute
Base Clock
1120 MHz
1257 MHz
1469 MHz
Boost Clock
1266 MHz
1340 MHz
1545 MHz
Memory Clock
8 Gbps
8 Gbps
8 Gbps
8 GB G5 256b
8 GB G5 256b
8 GB G5 256b
239 USD
229 USD
279 USD


Performance / Power Consumption :

The RX 580 is small notch faster compared to the any overclocked RX 590, but it destroys GTX 1060 it’s competitor completely, left no chance. We will look at over-all performance now and check how it performs, in 14 games according the PC gamer charts it outperforms GTX 1060 6GB by 7.6% and while being 15% faster once it’s overclocked on 1080p, for high-resolution such as 1440p and Ultra-settings aiming at RX 590 would be irrelevant and not suitable. You will probably need GTX 1070/1080 or even 1080ti . RX 590 can run any game at Ultra/Maxed out settings for next 2 years easily FPS over 60+ on 1080p FHD. New king in mid-range segment under $300.

Data and Chart by PCGAMER

However let’s keep the performance numbers aside and talk about the real thing, power-consumption numbers. There is a bad news for you if you’re running a low-tier PSU in your PC. It consumes 220-225W during full gaming load drawing more than RX 580 which is 190-198W and GTX 1060 125-130W. Well it’s not clear how much desktop gamers actually care about power consumption, While there have always been people who emphasized maximum efficiency most gamers seem to care about power-consumption but you’re not going to run these cards at full potential @100% so it won’t hurt your pocket or total electricity bill.


AMD targets this as a 269 to 279 USD product, but they’re offering $180 game-bundle free including The-Division 2 / DMC 5 / Resident Evil Remastered. This what make this card a better value, overall it’s faster than GTX 1060. Nvidia is charging you 250 bucks for that including no game bundle. Speaking from benchmarks, this card dethrones RX 580/1060 6G by a 10% margin at least and there is a bit headroom for over-clock as well. it’s now arguably the best option in mid-range cards.


Buy now.

PowerColor RED DEVIL Radeon RX 590 - $279 ( 3 games free w/purchase ) 
XFX Radeon RX 590 FATBOY Edition - $279 ( 3 games free w/purchase)
Sapphire Nitro RX 590 Limited Edition+ - $279 ( 3 games free w/purchase)






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