At the Global Foundries Technology Conference, AMD’s CTO Mark Papermaster announced that the company will be transitioning 14nm LP to 12nm LP for Vega, Ryzen in 2018. That means the slides published by AMD in keynote in past for 14nm+ Ryzen Refresh production are no longer valid as they’re shifting to 12nm+ for next CPU’s and GPU’s.  The so-called Zen+ might be the architecture behind Ryzen 2000 series, which should launch in 2H 2018.

We’re not sure yet and its unclear that 12nm LP will be a shrink of Ryzen in 2018  or If Zen+/Zen 2 will also be using the 12LP process. Previously, AMD has said that Zen 2 will use the 7nm process past. Intel 10nm CPU’s Canon’s lake coming next year and we expected AMD will release their 7nm CPU’s to compete with Intel 10nm Canon Lake CPU’s, But it appears we will see 12nm LP against Intel 10nm LP instead.

Source: Tomshardware


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