This is the first official picture of Radeon RX Vega 64 Limited Edition with Holocube by Radeon Team. The device on the right is holocube and it is said to be ” Powered by Radeon ” . We currently have no idea what is it i guess we are going to learn more soon.

AMD and LinusTechTips made the first unboxing of Alienware Threadripper system and RX Vega packaging at #LTX2017 earlier today.. He also tweeted.

First ever picture of Alienware Threadripper system with RX Vega Limited Edition. The model comes with brushed aluminum shroud same as frontier edition.

The card has dual 8-pin power connectors with illuminated logos, R on the corner and Radeon on the side. Here’s the packaging inside the suit case, thats probably for the reviewers they also shipped Ryzen 7 in wooden box to the reviewers.

Hopefully we will  learn more at Capsaicin SIGGRAPH, Launch event that will not be live-streamed AMD confirmed before.


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