Hermitage Akihabar has now revealed the Release date of the AMD’s upcoming Threadripper.  The same site that broke the news about liquid cooling for Threadripper. The website has listed the release of AMD Threadripper CPU’s to be on 10 August at 10:00 PM Japanese time. According to them time pre-orders will start from 27th July.

AMD already said in their slides before that  they will be launching their two Monster CPU’s TR 1920x and 1950x early August.  Starting from 799$. Which outperforms Intel 7900x.

  • Ryzen Threadripper (12C/24T) ($799) – 2431
  • Skylake-x i9 7900x (10C/20T) ($999) – 2186

These monsters offers alot for the buck. AMD is expected to release more information about their new Threadripper series CPUs later this week. Stay tuned.


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