The new ZEN 2 architecture works out well for AMD, AMD shook the computing world by launching first 7nm main-stream desktop processors in the world. We will be performing a review on Ryzen 5 3600x against first-gen ZEN architecture CPU which is Ryzen 7 1700 an 8-core main-stream CPU that was released about 2 years ago. This is a 6-core, 12-thread processor with a high enough boost clock to be competitive in even the most intense single-threaded applications and we also will be testing manual over-clocks and PBO Precision Boost Over-Drive.

Test System 
Processor:AMD Ryzen 5 3600x OC 4.3GHz
Motherboard:MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon Latest BIOS.

RAMCorsair Vengeance @3446MHz Tuned
GPUZotac AMP Extreme! GTX 1080Ti OC
AMD Radeon VEGA 56 Ref
AMD Radeon Navi RX 5700 Ref
PSU:Antec HCG 750W
OS:Windows 10 1903
GPU DriversWHQL 431.60 (Nvidia)
19.8.1 AUG 20 (AMD)
AM4 Chipset DriverVersion
Cooler:Cooler Master ML240L RGB


For all the testings, we have used MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon with the recent BIOS using the same ram modules and all the benchmarks have been conducted with the help of MSI After Burner Benchmark. We have tested 15 different games at FHD and QHD with the average of 3-runs average in games.


We will start off with 1080p benchmarks including average frames and 1% lowest frames in all 15 games tested and next 1440p to make the things more clear in GPU bound applications. We’re seeing 7 to 10% performance average in most titles, but the biggest gain we have checked was CSGO outperforming previous ZEN by 33%. Thanks to it’s IPC and more clocks. Ryzen 5 3600x easily out-performs Ryzen 7 1700 overclocked at 3.9GHz.


Overclocking and PBO Tuning and Testings

PBO (Precision Boost Over-Drive):

I wasn’t expecting PBO options on the 2 years old X370 board but surprised to see we have got plenty of options to play with but we noticed the strange behaviour in core-boosting. It’s not boosting at 4.4GHz as advertised by AMD. The average single-core boost in games was between 4325MHz~4350MHz. Double-checked from HWINFO and Ryzen-Master. We’re not seeing any-clock boosting at 4400MHz. We enabled PBO from BIOS and maxed out the settings to achieve the maximum-boost but it comes with a price of high-idle voltage. If you’re running stock-cooler i don’t recommend you to go extreme.

  • PPT Limit (W) :   1000W
  • TDC Limit (A)  :   95A
  • EDC Limit (A)  :   140 A

Manual OC

Now we’re going for the all-core over-clock that means lower clock frequency than the highest Turbo bin offers, it’s a difficult task to do so if you’re familiar with previous-ZEN overclocking but we have managed to run our CPU at the multiplier of 43x at 1.35V CPU over-ride voltage and 42x at 1.3V.


We cherry-picked these 3 CPU intensive games and done 3 average runs on each overclock. We’re not seeing any great-boost in FPS even with the PBO enabled for the sweet-spot, i advise you to run at the 42x multiplier all cores and much less voltage. Most of the ZEN 2 CPU’s can easily run 4200 on all cores. You will see some big-improvements in multi-threaded work loads as well.

Price and Availability in Pakistan:

AMD has set the MSRP of Ryzen 5 3600x for roughly $329. Different Reigons have different-prices and conversation rate. I got my sample from Thrift.PK. They shipped me within 2 days, of-course i have paid for the sample. They’re currently selling Ryzen 5 3600x for 45.5K PKR at this time (*prices may change*)

Wrap Up and Can you run ZEN 2 on the X370 Board and Overclock it?

As AMD Promised! Well definitely you can, but you would need a BIOS update [Must have Ryzen 3000 support listed in the logs] . If you’re a first-time ZEN 2 PC Builder. I don’t recommend you to go for the X370. Go for the X470 instead and call it a day but if you’re using Socket High-end/Mid-Range AM4 X370 from the first-gen and your pockets are empty for the newer socket, you’re still pretty much good, since most of you guys will be running this chip at the stock-cooler i advise you to enable the PBO and run it as it is.


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