Pictures have been leaked online showing slides of AMD’s Ryzen 2 road map with expected release dates.



Ryzen 2 will be a refresh of AMD’s latest line of CPUs based on the Zen architecture. Several architectural improvements are to be expected with presumably higher overclocks, lower temperatures etc, though no specific changes have been announced yet.

Ryzen Gaming is expected to be AMD’s Desktop-grade CPU/GPU combo (APU), offering Vega graphics and Zen CPU cores in a single package. With the release of Ryzen Gaming AM4 users will finally be able to use the display outputs on their motherboards, which are previously unusable with existing Ryzen CPUs.


AMD is also expected to release 400 series motherboards with updated chipsets but same AM4 sockets. Pinnacle Ridge being expected to offer modest clock speed improvements over Ryzen and a more powerful memory controller. This will potentially result in Ryzen being more flexible with DDR4 memory speeds and timings and more performance per watt.


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