AMD dominance in DX12 Supported and Async Compute and Vulkan titles, now here is another news for you.

Vega has been confirmed to support DirectX 12 level 12.1, Official support for higher features than Pascal and Nvidia Maxwell arcitecture.

Vega AMD has been able to deliver support for Conservative Rasterisation Level 3, (Higher Feature level than Polaris)  Nvidia’s Pascal Architecture features Tier 2 support for this feature. AMD is winning here.

One more feature is that. AMD supports  lower minimum precision levels with DirectX 12, which will allow AMD to utilise 16-bit floating point precision calculation. This feature is already included in Sony PS4 console.


Adding these features will help AMD Vega in DX12 titles or Vulkan ( If similar options are available). But lets see if Developers Utilize DX12 to its full potential with proper coding. AMD could change the game entire GPU game with Radeon RX VEGA there are other features as well For example HBC (High Bandwidth Cache)

In previous keynote, we saw RX VEGA with HBC enabled giving 76FPS avg on ROTTR. 57.9 FPS without HBC. This feature is amazing for enthusiasts gamers like me atleast.

In a demo of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – a seriously GPU-intensive game at max settings – with HBCC turned on the RX Vega GPU was nailing 50% higher average frame rates as well as 100% higher minimums to visibly improve the fluidity of the gaming experience.


Another feature High-Bandwidth Cache Controller will double your graphics usable memory capacity in games.

Raja Koduri – Chief Architect Radeon Technologies Group, AMD

With regards to the High Bandwidth Cache from a gaming perspective. We looked at all the modern games, the big games that push memory hard, and one of the things we noticed is the VRAM – graphics memory – utilization. We look at how much of the VRAM that the game allocates. So if the game say needs 4GB of memory when we looked at actually how much of that memory is actually used to render pixels we found that many games, actually most games, don’t use more than 50% of what they allocate.



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