AMD has finally released the 2nd part of its Vega line up of GPUs, the Vega 56.

Vega 56 is the less powerful but still very capable member of the Vega line up, and as its name implies, it has 56 Next Gen compute units. It still uses the same HBM2 used in the Vega 64 which gives it monstrous memory bandwidth. At a MSRP of $399, the Vega 56 is intended to compete with the GTX 1070.



Several reviews of the reference design cooler have been already, showing that the Vega 56 beats the GTX 1070 in most tests while generating less heat. This makes it a compelling value, but as soon as the new Vega was listed, it sold out on major retailers, presumably by miners. This will surely drive the prices up same as the Vega 64 and result in shortages everywhere. AMD also offer the Vega 56 in the form of their Radeon Packs, which include games and discounts for purchasing eligibles parts as part of Ryzen system


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