AMD has had their 65W Bristol Ridge APUs out since earlier this year, but now they’ve also released the 35W models to quell small form factor system builders.

The new 35W models have the E suffix to signify low power consumption. The 3 models that were released are the A6-9500E, A10-9700E, and A12-9800E. The newer APUs are based on the Bulldozer architecture despite being on the AM4 platform, so performance hasn’t drastically improved over the previous APUs. Still, the new low-watt APUs have all the same features as their 65W counterparts: core count, stream processors, and on-board Radeon graphics all remain the same.

The difference, aside from the lower power draw, is the reduced CPU / GPU clock speeds. Base clocks were reduced by 500MHz on both the A6-9500E and the A10-9700E. The higher-end A12-9800E dropped by 800MHz. Boost clocks fared better, seeing a reduction of just 300-400MHz. Clock speeds on the integrated Radeon graphics were reduced by almost 20%.


The A12 9800E can be found for $105-$113, the A10 9700E for $85-$92 and the A8 9500E for under $58.


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