According to friends at videocardz, AMD is currently carrying private event for selected press around the world to talk about this annual driver update.  This annual installment of drivers will be released in middle of December. Packs some amazing new features. Last year AMD released Adrenalin Edition with tons of new features Enhanced sync, Radeon Chill , Frame target control and in-game real-time monitoring and more.

There is an embargo but we already have few hints about what’s new,

One Click Overclocking:  A direct response to Nvidia Turing OC Scanner New Overclocking capabilities, such as one click overclocking including the memory overclock as well.

Undervolting : Another great feature, and most demanding feature. This driver will including automatic-undervolting for the selected Radeon Cards.

AMD LINK: Now you can talk with your Radeon Graphics Card via AMD link, you have to give simple order in commands, display FPS for you, show hardware temps on your mobile app.

Streaming to VR Headsets: direct streaming to standalone VR headsets, according to them it’s very smooth and lag is hardly noticeable.
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Stay tuned for proper patch-notes.







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