The professional over-clocker Elmor who is currently working for ASUS has revealed that  AMD is preparing AGESA version for AM4 motherboards responding to an forums question about the Crosshair VI series motherboard, mentioned that ” AGESA significantly changes the BIOS structure of AMD motherboards.


AGESA is an essential component of AMD platform motherboard BIOSes responsible for starting the processor at system start-up. Updates to it improve the motherboards’ memory and CPU compatibility
”AGESA 1007 comes with support for Raven Ridge APUs. AMD has also changed the entire BIOS base structure so we have to do a lot of work to port everything to the new version, which may result in further bugs. The advantage is that it makes it easier to support future CPUs (Raven Ridge, Pinnacle Ridge). The cold boot fix will be implemented as soon as we have a recent AGESA version which supports it.”

AGESA version is a major step towards preparing AM4 for AMD’s future CPUs, The biggest benefit of this update will be the ability for future BIOS versions to support new AMD CPUs on the platform.


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