AMD has introduced a new program called AMD4U to give customers of their branded systems back in the form of free games and the software. Currently, you can claim upto 3 free games, two months of access to Adobe Creative Cloud, or a three-month subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan.

This is program is design such that users can fully utilize AMD hardware through games and software highly optimized for their hardware, according to the AMD press release.

AMD4U’s games will be provided by Square Enix Collective, which is the Japanese publisher’s indie-focused platform. Right now there are only three titles available: The Turing TestGoetia, and Oh My Godheads. Others, including Tokyo DarkDeadbeat Heroes, and Fear Effect Sedna, are expected to debut sometime in the future.

AMD published a list of products eligible for AMD4U with the terms and conditions. The reward varies based on the product you purchased, so don’t expect to get the free Square Enix Collective games, Creative Cloud access, and Creative Cloud Photography Plan subscription. Some products offer access to two rewards, but none offer all three. AMD also states that its terms and conditions may change. Check out the terms and conditions for a complete breakdown of the rewards.


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